Justice for Isreal 

I congratulate President Trump on taking action and recognizing Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel. The Embassy being moved from Tel Aviv makes a bold statement. It demonstrates to the world that the United States will stand with our ally Israel. 
The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995, as passed by both chambers of congress, instructed the US Embassy in Tel Aviv to be relocated to Jerusalem. It further provided that the US would officially recognize Jerusalem as the eternal capital of Israel. Passing the JEA seemed futile as every president since the act passed has ignored it. It remained unimplemented for over 20 years. 

President Trump made a promise during his campaign that he would take action on the JEA and make it happen. He delivered as promised. 

This gesture marks a massive milestone for relations between our two nations. Israel is one of Americas closest friends and it is an ally who has long been ignored. PM Netanyahu was ecstatic and grateful. He made a powerful statement 
The people of Israel will soon feel relief. This proclamation; although long over due, is welcomed and celebrated. I am profoundly grateful to President Trump for demonstrating bravery and fidelity. 

Watch PM Netanyahu respond:

Kate Steinle’s killer acquitted. 

Jose Ines Garcia Zarate was found not guilty for the murder of Kate Steinle. Garcia Zarate is an illegal alien who has been deported on 5 separate occasions. He has committed several felonies and has been rearrested multiple times. The federal governments request to keep Zarate in detention until they arrived was ignored as San Francisco is a sanctuary city. 

Zarate was charged with 2nd degree murder. The prosecutor was over reaching and should have charged involuntary manslaughter. 
2nd degree murder requires that the perpetrator have intent. Involuntary manslaughter is a killing without malice and doesn’t require the prosecutors to prove intent. It is simply a reckless disregard for human life. 
Zarate and his lawyer presented several different accounts of the event which varied excessively. The defense ultimately argued that Zarate found a gun underneath a bench near the pier in San Francisco. They allege he picked up the gun and it accidentally fired. He claimed to be startled by the noise of the gun firing so he tossed the gun into the water. 
The bullet hit pavement before it ricocheted and hit Steinle in the back. She died as a direct result of sustaining that gunshot. 
I don’t believe Zarate intended to kill Steinle. That is, however, irrelevant to the larger issue with this case. 
California has a 3-strike law. Since Zarate had committed more than 3 felonies he would have been incarcerated and wouldn’t have been able to shoot Steinle. However, because he is an illegal alien he was simply deported and would subsequently illegally re-enter the United States. 
This is a great example of why we urgently need to build the wall. Simply deporting aliens doesn’t work as they quickly re-enter the US. Furthermore, sanctuary cities like San Francisco ignore detention orders from the federal government. This prevents federal authorities from being able to enforce the law. Make no mistake; if we had a wall and cities like San Francisco were obligated to follow the law then Steinle would be alive today. 

Sheriff Arpaio should run for Senate. 

Joe Arpaio is a true hometown hero. Most recently he served as the Sheriff of Maricopa County Arizona. Maricopa county is home to over four million residents; a population larger than 20 states. His leadership in that position earned him the title of Americas toughest sheriff. 
Sheriff Arpaio has a long and respected career in law enforcement. He served with honor as a military police officer in the Army. Following his discharge he served briefly as a uniformed policeman before joining the Drug Enforcement Administration. 

Sheriff Joe has a passion for law enforcement as evidenced by his tenure of over 25 years with the DEA. He served several overseas assignments and supervised the Arizona field office. 
Following his retirement from the DEA Arpaio became the elected sheriff of Maricopa county in 1993. He remained in that position until 2016. 

For 23 years he served the residents of Maricopa County. During his tenure he instituted many new policies and procedures that are still in place today. He felt strongly that inmates shouldn’t be living in a life of luxury. They should serve their time and get out. This no-frills approach to corrections caught on. Sheriff Arpaio frequently held seminars for other law enforcement agencies around the world to share his ideas and promote responsible technique. 

Sheriff Joe is a true conservative. He cuts excess spending anywhere he can. For example, he uses his chain gang to provide janitorial and construction services to the county. This act alone saved millions of taxpayer dollars. Arpaio strongly supports equality and maintained the only all female chain gang in the world. 

Sheriff Joe reduced the cost of daily meals to below .60 cents an inmate per day. He had programs to provide medical treatment to animals who had been abused. He had deputies assigned to a dead beat parent detail to enforce child support orders. He started and maintained a massive posse program which provided hundreds of thousands of free hours of police work to the county. 

All these activities combined demonstrate Arpaio’s critical thinking and problem solving skills. They speak to his high level of credibility, which is beyond reproach. 

I was overcome with sadness and dismay to see Sheriff Joe leave MCSO because I knew our county was loosing the most professional and effective Sheriff we have ever had. 

I have heard protesters yelling that his experience as Sheriff doesn’t qualify him to run for Senate. I disagree. I believe he is the perfect candidate for Jeff Flakes seat. 

Arpaio has all the qualities that a strong senator should have. He has spent his life protecting those he swore to defend; now he has a chance to continue that legacy. Sheriff Joe is a Trump ally and will stand hand and hand with the President in advancing his agenda. 

I’m ecstatic to hear that he may be pursuing Flakes senate seat. He will be able to effect change on a national level not just within Maricopa County. 

Sheriff Joes best quality is his word. He doesn’t beat around the bush and he isn’t politically correct. He says what needs to be said and stands behind it. If Sheriff Joe makes a campaign promise he will follow through. He will tell you exactly where he stands on an issue and he won’t back down. 

The United States will benefit greatly from having Joe Arpaio as a Senator. 

Is Iran dangerous? 

President Trump announced that he intends to take decisive action to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. This comes as part of a broader strategy on dealing with Iran and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s known terrorist ties. 
Iran, under direction of Khamenei and in concert with the IRGC, has been involved in terrorism and anti-American excitement. The region poses a significant security threat to the United States and Israel. They are the largest state sponsor of terrorism and are destabilizing the region. 

Former President Obama acted sympathetically toward the regime, reduced sanctions and allowed for Iran to begin the process required to gain a nuclear weapon. Iran has made clear their intention to use said nuclear weapon on the United States and Israel. 

This affirmation, coupled with increasing aggression, should have caused the Obama Administration to intervene and take action. Sadly, President Obama responded by again reducing sanctions and making Irans goal more attainable. 

Senator Cotton (R-AR) recognized the dangerous path President Obama was paving for Iran and authored an open letter to the supreme leader. The letter was consigned by 46 sitting senators. Their statement was clear; the United States will not accept any deal that allows for Iran to develop a nuclear weapon. The senator understood the threat that a nuclear Iran would pose to the world.

President Trump recognizes the United States shouldn’t be supporting any group that is hostile toward America or Israel. He worked with his national security team and developed a strategy that will prevent Iran from ever being able to acquire a nuclear weapon. Furthermore, it will produce strong restrictions on any military activities Iran wishes to carry out. 

Khamenei has been the Supreme Leader of Iran for over 30 years. In that time he has shaped the countries attitudes and behaviors to be distinctly anti-American. He has also fostered strong support for Assad and the regimes crimes against the Syrian people. Both have committed egregious human rights violations. 

The IRGC specializes in subverting international order. The IRGC has grown steadily in recent years and is not accountable to the Iranian people. They report to Khamenei directly. This allows them to carry out any mission they desire. Such actions include arming Assad and aiding him in butchering his own people. They supported his use of chemical weapons. 
This wanton conduct is reckless and demonstrates Irans ability to cause significant casualties to everyone in the international community. 

Aside from the dangers presented by the supreme leader and the IRGC Irans citizens are equally dangerous. Liberals love to sympathize with the the Iranian people and want to give them refugee status. They claim most Iranian people are peaceful. 

This is nonsense. There is a moderate faction in Iran; however, “moderates” are committing honor killings and chanting death to America in the streets. The hardliners, like the IRGC, are physically taking up arms against any westerners in the region and arbitrarily detaining them without cause. We need to look no further than our embassy in Tehran 1979 to know they are serious. 
There isn’t a peaceful majority of Iranians who are yearning to live in a judeo-christian society with western values. That group only exists in liberals minds. The Iranians are intent on engaging in acts of terror and anti-American excitement. Khamenei made sure to radicalize the country so they will follow his every command. Make no mistake- they have already made their intentions clear. They are protesting in the streets chanting about killing Americans and Israelis. Given the opportunity they would carry out those threats. 

Senator Cotton (R-AR) made a great point at his RNC Speech saying we need “A commander-in-chief who speaks of winning wars and not merely ending wars, calls the enemy by its name, and draws red lines carefully, but enforces them ruthlessly.” President Trump is that leader. He understands that Iran must be dealt with appropriately. We should always try to avoid military intervention; however, if needed we can and must use military force to ensure Iran doesn’t get a nuclear weapon. The safety of the United States and Israel depends on Iran lacking nuclear weapons. President Trump demonstrated that he understands this threat and is going to do everything in his power to stop Iran and protect the United States and our allies. 

Democrats are racist! 

The liberal left is continuing to insult President Trump and claim he is racist. The entire conservative base has been dealing with this frivolous claim recently but President Trump seems to be the MSM’s favorite target. They are playing clips of him helping with disaster relief in Puerto Rico and claiming he doesn’t care. Simple logic check- if he didn’t care he wouldn’t be on the ground providing relief work. He wouldn’t be helping families rebuild. It is obvious he cares for these Americans deeply and wants to help them get their lives back on track. 

Late show hosts, celebrities and liberal elites are attempting to disgrace President Trump by calling him Racist while he’s the only one with boots on the ground helping. They are spewing this nonsense from their Hollywood mansions while our President is doing manual labor to aid Americans who need his help. The President provided substantial aid to Puerto Rico and is working with FEMA and congress to develop strategies to strengthen the island. The idea that he isn’t helping Puerto Rico because of their skin color is absurd. 

We know that the left prefers feelings to fact and often espouses claims with no factual basis. Conservatives are often subjected to these juvenile tactics. When we respond with an actual policy position supported by statistics and facts we are promptly attacked. These attacks are carried out by the liberal base and usually involve little to no evidence. Frequently it’s some form of a pre-coined phrase accompanied by fake outrage. 

The left has been calling President Trump and other Conservatives like myself Racist recently. Since they have been throwing around this nonsense on a daily basis I think it’s only fair to respond. Let’s take a closer look at which party is actually racist. 

The Democratic Party loves to pretend they are champions of civil rights. They claim that black Americans must identify as democrat because republicans are inherently racist. This isn’t the case though. Since the democratic party was founded in 1829 they have fought against every piece of civil rights legislation. 

President Lyndon Johnson summed up the democrats position “I’ll have those niggers voting democrat for 200 years.” The democrats don’t truly care about advancing the quality of life for African Americans- they simply care about advancing their own agenda. This was true throughout history and it’s true today. 

The Republican Party was founded as an anti-slavery party. From our inception we have been fervently opposed to racism and slavery. The first republican President, Abraham Lincoln, died in this pursuit. The emancipation proclamation let the world know the GOP wouldn’t stand for racism…. and President Lincoln was shot because of it. John Wilkes Booth, a democrat, assassinated Lincoln in hopes of preserving slavery. Democrats literally killed to protect slavery. 

The democrats founded the klu klux klan and supported their agenda within every level of government. Nathan Bedford Forrest, a prominent founding figure in the KKK was friends with President Woodrow Wilson. Wilson, a democrat, even promoted the 1915 KKK propaganda video “The Clansman” by screening it in the White House. He Re-segregated many federal agencies and he used the KKK to attempt to scare and intimidate folks into following him. 

Democrats had a clear mission- to keep the south segregated and enslaved. 

In 1857 when the US Supreme Court heard Dred Scott V. Sandford they ruled that slaves aren’t citizens, and must not be considered citizens. They are property. The Supreme Court voted 7-2. All 7 justices to support slavery were democrats. The 2 justices to dissent and want to abolish slavery were both republicans. 

-Democrats opposed the 13th Amendment 
To abolish slavery. 

-Democrats opposed the 14th Amendment 

Giving citizenship to blacks. 

-Democrats opposed the 15th Amendment 

giving voting rights to blacks. 

These Amendments only passed because of universal republican support. 

By the year 1900 over 22 black congressman had been elected to the US House as republicans and were fighting for equality and human rights. The democrats didn’t have a single black congressman at this time. In fact, they wouldn’t elect a black man to congress until 1935. 

It was evident that their strategy of keeping blacks enslaved and therefore unable to vote wasn’t going to work. That’s when President Lyndon Johnson summed up the democrats position “I’ll have those niggers voting democrat for 200 years.” The democrats suddenly decided that if blacks were going to vote then they should at least vote for democrats. 
Democrats, ignoring the facts, will likely continue to attack conservatives and President Trump for being racist. It is nonsense. We have been steadfast in our support of civil rights. Our facts are strong. Their feelings are weak. Don’t bring a feeling to a fact fight friends. You’ll loose every time. 

Republicans aren’t racist. Democrats are.

Secretary Mattis 

I’ve long said Secretary Mattis would be the perfect choice to be the Secretary of Defense. “Mad Dog” is a highly decorated US Marine and has a reputation for being a straight shooter. I was thrilled when I heard his name being floated for Sec Def and I knew he would have an easy confirmation. As a veteran I respect Secretary Mattis immensely and he was my 1st choice to fill the position of Sec Def. 

A reporter asked for his comments about the NFL players kneeling and his response was perfect. “I’m the secretary of defense,” Mattis said. “We defend the country.” 

Best response I have ever heard. I’m not alone in being grateful he is our Secretary of Defense. Bravo sir. 

The Wall

It’s estimated that we have 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. Our border is not secure and anyone can cross. The question that no one has a coherent answer for is: “What do we do with the 11 million illegal aliens?” 
We endured an entire presidential election listening to members of both parties introduce terrible ideas, revisit failed policies and generally argue about how to approach the issue. President Trump was the first person to bring up the topic of illegal immigration; in fact he mentioned it in his announcement. He is correct. We must build a wall. However, we need to have a sensible solution for dealing with immigration issues first. 
We have 3 options. One option is to simply immediately deport all 11 million aliens. We should not do this. We must first have strong mechanisms in place to prevent their re-entry. If we execute mass deportations with our current border fence the problem will reoccur almost immediately. 
Another option is to ignore the immigrants all together. This seems to be the current method. It isn’t working. We must remember that every illegal immigrant is a criminal. Unlawful entry into the United States is a crime. Visa-overstay is a crime. While we can be sympathetic to the adversity they experience in their home countries our focus must remain on America First! 
Finally, we could offer a one time waiver and give all 11 million aliens citizenship. This is the most popular idea from the left. The democrats desperately want to give them citizenship. The problem is- if we give these aliens citizenship we are incentivizing their illegal behavior. Some Liberal senators have argued this would be a one time amnesty and wouldn’t happen again. However, we have heard this rhetoric before. In 1986 we passed the Simpson-Mazzoli act. 3 million aliens were given permanent residency. Despite being told it wouldn’t happen again we have heard many politicians argue it should. 

This is a complex problem and I think it’s important to look at it from different angles and to understand the reality of the situation. We are never going to be able to prevent 100% of illegal immigration. That is simply not possible. Our goal should be to dramatically lower the number of aliens arriving illegally and strive to have stronger enforcement. 
We can not and should not be considering doing that until after we have created a fortified wall. The cost to deport the aliens would be astronomical and they would simply cross back over; thus, undermining the entire process. We absolutely must build a solid and impenetrable wall to prevent aliens from crossing and to aid in maintaining our sovereignty. 
Once the wall is completed and functioning we begin the process of deporting the illegal aliens. Our new wall will dramatically decrease illegal crossings and our border patrol will be more effective and able to perform their job without hindrance. 
President Trump made an outstanding decision to increase funding and employment numbers within the Border Patrol. 

America is a sovereign nation and we must protect our borders. We need to build the wall as soon as possible. Those illegal aliens who will be deported who wish to apply for residency in the US will be welcomed to do so provided they follow the same legal process anyone else would be required to. We must be cautious to not incentivize their illegal behavior. 

Inept Hollywood liberals update 

Chelsea Handler is one of many liberals spouting this type of negative rhetoric. Ms. Handler is free to dislike our president; however, she should do so while still respecting the position and office. Ms. Handler and her fellow liberals impertinent remarks only delegitimize their arguments and demonstrate their inability to muster a single objection with merit. 

Inept Hollywood Liberals 

During the presidential campaign Hollywood did its best to slam President Trump. They launched attacks on a daily basis. Many of them, including Rosie O’Donnell, swore they would move out of the country if we elected Trump. 
America spoke loud and clear: We elected Donald J Trump to be our President. Both democrats and republicans made the decision to elect President Trump. 
As the election night results came in Hollywood celebs began to lose their minds. Celebrities filled their social media accounts with Anti-Trump messages and some demanded recounts. A few groups made videos begging the electoral college to ignore the election results and vote for Clinton anyway. 
Thankfully, the republican electors took their jobs seriously and fulfilled their obligations.
Since he assumed office he has been dealing with daily ridicule. Celebrities make horrible jokes at his expense and often imply he isn’t a legitimate president. 
The late night hosts spend every evening bashing President Trump and making jokes at his expense. They frequently attack cabinet members as well. 
Liberals pride themselves on being the party of tolerance and acceptance. They preach inclusion and compassion. That is, toward everyone but our President. 
 No President in history has been subjected to this type or volume of ridicule. Every decision the President makes receives hours of negative attention. His family is subjected to the same disrespect and vulgarities. 
Despite all the negative press, false stories and fake news President Trump still wakes up every morning and is grateful to be our POTUS. Colbert using nazi salutes and discriminatory propaganda won’t affect President Trumps ability to effectively lead our nation. 
At the Emmy Awards many celebrities wore blue ribbons to protest President Trump. Many of those wearing ribbons were the same leftist elites that threatened to leave the country if President Trump was elected. No surprise- they haven’t moved yet. 
This has to stop. Americans have spoken. We overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump for President. They need to drop this childish routine and act like adults. If they have an issue with a decision President Trump makes they have avenues to express that. They can call the White House, write a letter or send an email. Additionally, they can sit down with their US Senator and express their concerns and urge him/her to bring up the issue in congress. 
Bottom line- the Democratic Party has transformed into a group of whiny children. They are inept. They lie, manipulate and deceive folks to try and get their way. They will do anything to further their agenda including harming America. 

Breitbart points out the ribbons both indicate support for the ACLU and protest President Trump.