Secretary Mattis 

I’ve long said Secretary Mattis would be the perfect choice to be the Secretary of Defense. “Mad Dog” is a highly decorated US Marine and has a reputation for being a straight shooter. I was thrilled when I heard his name being floated for Sec Def and I knew he would have an easy confirmation. As a veteran I respect Secretary Mattis immensely and he was my 1st choice to fill the position of Sec Def. 

A reporter asked for his comments about the NFL players kneeling and his response was perfect. “I’m the secretary of defense,” Mattis said. “We defend the country.” 

Best response I have ever heard. I’m not alone in being grateful he is our Secretary of Defense. Bravo sir. 

The Wall

It’s estimated that we have 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. Our border is not secure and anyone can cross. The question that no one has a coherent answer for is: “What do we do with the 11 million illegal aliens?” 
We endured an entire presidential election listening to members of both parties introduce terrible ideas, revisit failed policies and generally argue about how to approach the issue. President Trump was the first person to bring up the topic of illegal immigration; in fact he mentioned it in his announcement. He is correct. We must build a wall. However, we need to have a sensible solution for dealing with immigration issues first. 
We have 3 options. One option is to simply immediately deport all 11 million aliens. We should not do this. We must first have strong mechanisms in place to prevent their re-entry. If we execute mass deportations with our current border fence the problem will reoccur almost immediately. 
Another option is to ignore the immigrants all together. This seems to be the current method. It isn’t working. We must remember that every illegal immigrant is a criminal. Unlawful entry into the United States is a crime. Visa-overstay is a crime. While we can be sympathetic to the adversity they experience in their home countries our focus must remain on America First! 
Finally, we could offer a one time waiver and give all 11 million aliens citizenship. This is the most popular idea from the left. The democrats desperately want to give them citizenship. The problem is- if we give these aliens citizenship we are incentivizing their illegal behavior. Some Liberal senators have argued this would be a one time amnesty and wouldn’t happen again. However, we have heard this rhetoric before. In 1986 we passed the Simpson-Mazzoli act. 3 million aliens were given permanent residency. Despite being told it wouldn’t happen again we have heard many politicians argue it should. 

This is a complex problem and I think it’s important to look at it from different angles and to understand the reality of the situation. We are never going to be able to prevent 100% of illegal immigration. That is simply not possible. Our goal should be to dramatically lower the number of aliens arriving illegally and strive to have stronger enforcement. 
We can not and should not be considering doing that until after we have created a fortified wall. The cost to deport the aliens would be astronomical and they would simply cross back over; thus, undermining the entire process. We absolutely must build a solid and impenetrable wall to prevent aliens from crossing and to aid in maintaining our sovereignty. 
Once the wall is completed and functioning we begin the process of deporting the illegal aliens. Our new wall will dramatically decrease illegal crossings and our border patrol will be more effective and able to perform their job without hindrance. 
President Trump made an outstanding decision to increase funding and employment numbers within the Border Patrol. 

America is a sovereign nation and we must protect our borders. We need to build the wall as soon as possible. Those illegal aliens who will be deported who wish to apply for residency in the US will be welcomed to do so provided they follow the same legal process anyone else would be required to. We must be cautious to not incentivize their illegal behavior. 

Inept Hollywood liberals update 

Chelsea Handler is one of many liberals spouting this type of negative rhetoric. Ms. Handler is free to dislike our president; however, she should do so while still respecting the position and office. Ms. Handler and her fellow liberals impertinent remarks only delegitimize their arguments and demonstrate their inability to muster a single objection with merit. 

Inept Hollywood Liberals 

During the presidential campaign Hollywood did its best to slam President Trump. They launched attacks on a daily basis. Many of them, including Rosie O’Donnell, swore they would move out of the country if we elected Trump. 
America spoke loud and clear: We elected Donald J Trump to be our President. Both democrats and republicans made the decision to elect President Trump. 
As the election night results came in Hollywood celebs began to lose their minds. Celebrities filled their social media accounts with Anti-Trump messages and some demanded recounts. A few groups made videos begging the electoral college to ignore the election results and vote for Clinton anyway. 
Thankfully, the republican electors took their jobs seriously and fulfilled their obligations.
Since he assumed office he has been dealing with daily ridicule. Celebrities make horrible jokes at his expense and often imply he isn’t a legitimate president. 
The late night hosts spend every evening bashing President Trump and making jokes at his expense. They frequently attack cabinet members as well. 
Liberals pride themselves on being the party of tolerance and acceptance. They preach inclusion and compassion. That is, toward everyone but our President. 
 No President in history has been subjected to this type or volume of ridicule. Every decision the President makes receives hours of negative attention. His family is subjected to the same disrespect and vulgarities. 
Despite all the negative press, false stories and fake news President Trump still wakes up every morning and is grateful to be our POTUS. Colbert using nazi salutes and discriminatory propaganda won’t affect President Trumps ability to effectively lead our nation. 
At the Emmy Awards many celebrities wore blue ribbons to protest President Trump. Many of those wearing ribbons were the same leftist elites that threatened to leave the country if President Trump was elected. No surprise- they haven’t moved yet. 
This has to stop. Americans have spoken. We overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump for President. They need to drop this childish routine and act like adults. If they have an issue with a decision President Trump makes they have avenues to express that. They can call the White House, write a letter or send an email. Additionally, they can sit down with their US Senator and express their concerns and urge him/her to bring up the issue in congress. 
Bottom line- the Democratic Party has transformed into a group of whiny children. They are inept. They lie, manipulate and deceive folks to try and get their way. They will do anything to further their agenda including harming America. 

Breitbart points out the ribbons both indicate support for the ACLU and protest President Trump.

Diversity on college campuses is under attack!

I’m appalled that in today’s world there is so little diversity on college campuses. Universities are considered the pinnacle of American values. They represent the culmination of everything our society believes in.

Each year the incoming class embarks on a journey to open their minds and become exposed to new concepts and ideas. This process, in theory, serves to allow young adults the opportunity to expand their horizons and spark creativity.

Administrators are quick to remind students that they should foster relationships with people who are dissimilar to their typical friends.

Schools will tell you they go to amazing lengths to ensure discrimination doesn’t occur and they provide every student with equal and unabated access to school resources. They will tell you they allow students to express themselves in every way imaginable with the aim of fostering diversity.

They have created guidelines on the proper use of pronouns so as not to offend those folks who identify as transsexual. They have support sessions for practically any imaginable group who feels they are in some fashion being oppressed.

Admission offices apply affirmative action models. Activities offices sponsor groups such as the black student union, Chicano American society, etc.

The reality is undeniable- college campuses are an assemblage of tolerance. GLBT, trans, handicapped, minorities and all genders of students are represented and treated admirably by one another.

Understanding this I’m sure you are questioning what I am so upset about in my opening statement. There is one Group who is still outnumbered, under represented and constantly disenfranchised. A group of marginalized minds with opinions and thoughts that are considered peripheral.

Conservatives are under attack in the education arena. Merely expressing a thought or idea that is considered too right can result in harsh criticism and punishment. On average liberal professors outnumber conservative professors by more than 10-1.

It is not unheard of for institutions to have no college republicans group despite having a genuine interest by the student body. In some cases there isn’t a single faculty member to supervise the group. Not a single republican professor on an entire college campus.

Liberal acceptance is an oxymoron. Democrats are only accepting to the extent it supports their agenda. They don’t support free speech. The Democratic Party is terrified of young republicans because they know that conservative values and ideas work every time. This is the reason they almost never attack us on policy positions. Instead, they manufacture fake outrage and traffic it. Democrats as a whole respond more to emotion than fact.

Amherst College has a college republican group. The group held their first meeting of the school year this week and were greeted in an absurd fashion. Liberal “tolerant” democrats plastered signs around the college republicans meeting space that read “This is our campus, not the Klans.” To be clear, neither the ACR nor the Republican Party as a whole supports Klan activity. The culprits continually prostitute themselves to their worst vial thoughts. Their actions are filled with malice and hostility.

This is far from a solitary incident. Liberals across the nation have been protesting conservatives and relentlessly trying to associate our political party with discriminatory and racist groups. They want the world to believe that republicans are racist. Interestingly, it is the Democratic Party that has deep roots in racism and institutionalized hatred of minorities. After all, President Lincoln, a republican, is responsible for the emancipation proclamation.

Republicans are no stranger to defending against the lefts bizarre fever dreams- this is no different. Our young members (college republicans) are unwavering in their beliefs and won’t be deterred. Conservatives are resolute and won’t let the left undermine our agenda with their insanity.


Bi-partisanship isn’t lunacy

Bi-partisanship isn’t lunacy. Democrats and republicans have many ideological differences. Those differences are representative of the vast sea of political opinions held by Americans across the country. We shouldn’t be attacking fellow conservatives for attempting to reach across the aisle and work with our liberal counterparts. In the words of President Lincoln “We are not enemies, but friends … though passion may have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection.”
I fundamentally disagree with democrats on practically every issue; yet I never forget they are Americans too. I know most of them have seriously held beliefs and they deserve to be part of the discussion. That is the purpose of political discourse. I want to hear their ideas and thoughts and I want to share mine.
The hope is that after meaningful discussions we can forge a solution that works for both parties.

I am glad President Trump sat down with congressional democrats and made a deal. I am proud to have a President who isn’t afraid to reach into the liberals stronghold and try to get governance done. Perhaps we can work on strengthening our 2nd amendment protections next…..

Hurricane Harvey

President Trump spent significant time assisting Americans in need that were affected by hurricane Harvey. This hurricane has ruined lives and caused
catastrophic damage to the area.

He used every power of his office to dispatch federal workers and agencies to help the community. In addition to doing everything he could as POTUS, President Trump and family spent significant time in the damaged area physically providing aid themselves to the displaced victims. Moreover, President Trump donated 1-million dollars of his own money to further help the community.

I am immensely proud of President Trump. He handled this tragedy the best he could. Those Americans affected by the weather are undoubtedly in a better position as a direct result of President Trumps plan and his excessive generosity.

As usual the MSM is taking airtime to attempt to incriminate President Trump. These left wing news outlets would rather traffic in deception and propagate libel then to produce a genuine story. The most trusted man in America, Walter Cronkite, would be despondent if he were witnessing the actions of the MSM today. “And that’s the way it is” according to Cronkite.

A look at DACA from our founding fathers viewpoint

Our founding fathers designed our government to be a system of checks and balances. They were terrified of any one branch, or any one person, having too much power. Lord Acton shared this mindset by saying “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Our constitutional framework was created in a brilliant fashion and it allows for each branch of the government to exercise certain powers over another. This is not a redundancy; this is a fluid idea that is alive today.

For proof of this we need to look no further than President Trumps decision to end the Obama Executive Order called “DACA” or deferred action for childhood arrivals.

President Trump has faced a tremendous amount of negative press for making a decision that should be praised. Before y’all burn me in effigy; hear me out.

For just a moment I want to remove the substance of the executive order and look independently at what President Trump did. He reviewed an Obama era executive order. He determined that this executive order was written in a direct attempt to circumvent the entire legislative process. This is precisely the type of action our founding fathers feared.

The DACA executive order must be undone. This executive order is actually hurting the “dreamers” as well as many American citizens. We can’t allow these individuals to live in perpetuity. President Trump realizes that his best option is to allow congress to weigh in and find a solution to the problem. I believe he made an outstanding decision. He is addressing the problem of DACA by properly submitting it to congress so they will be able to legislate a solution. Once this is done the dreamers will have closure and a legal process to pursue should they want American citizenship.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said “If President Trump chooses to cancel the DACA program and give Congress six months to find a legislative solution, I will be supportive of such a position.” Senator Graham is joined by a bipartisan effort to find a legislative solution to this problem.

I think it’s important to recognize the selfless decision President Trump made. He realized that DACA was a poorly written order and couldn’t survive. It was hurting America. He made the decision to end the executive order but he wanted to make sure America was in the best possible position to handle this change. He is asking congress to legislate a solution and giving them six months to get it done. I applaud President Trump and this incredibly well thought out plan. This is precisely what our founding fathers wanted.

Now is the time to contact your representatives and make your voice heard. Call your congressman and explain your feelings on the issue. Remember- representative government only works when citizens are engaged.

The unspoken truth of President Trump

President Trump has been involved in philanthropy since he was a young man. Anyone who has spent time in New York City knows that President Trump is no stranger to charity events. From police balls to domestic violence charities, his generosity is unmatched.

During the campaign, then candidate Trump, floated the idea that he wanted to make better use of his presidential salary. At that point, specifics were unclear. However, we knew that he was not going to accept the paycheck. Those of us who were early members of Team-Trump recognized that he was not running for the Presidency for the normal reasons. He did not desire the fame or power of the office; rather, he had a genuine interest in making America great again.

As time progressed, we began doing research on the technical details of exactly how we could make better use of his presidential salary. The determination was made that the president cannot merely refuse his salary. He must accept the paycheck. He is, however, free to spend the money in any way he sees fit as it is his salary.

President Trump decided that because he was required to accept the salary, he would simply donate 100% of it to charity. President Trump received his first paycheck in April for approximately $78,333.00. He immediately wrote a donation check, for the full amount, payable to the National Park Service. In July, President Trump received his second paycheck for approximately $100,000.00. He immediately drafted a donation check. This time he donated the full amount to the Department of Education.

No president in modern history has donated his entire salary to charity. President Trump’s actions speak volumes about his character. These acts should clarify to the public what Trump insiders have known since before nominating him: President Trump is a warm and caring man who has morals that are beyond reproach. He has a genuine desire to correct the many issues plaguing our nation. He cares deeply for all Americans.

Perhaps more telling than his salary donations, President Trump has committed to donate one million dollars of his own money to aid relief efforts for those affected by hurricane Harvey. He made every possible support effort he could as president. He activated FEMA, sent federal resources, and provided emergency assistance. President Trump spent time walking the areas destroyed by the storm and comforting those who lost everything. He knew that these Americans were going to struggle to rebuild their lives. His personal donation is a testament to his commitments to the American people.

Despite his generosity and goodwill, the media is still launching a barrage of character attacks on President Trump. His actions should speak louder than their words! Americans must look past the mainstream news outlets that are spreading hateful propaganda in an attempt to delegitimize a truly outstanding man.