The unspoken truth of President Trump

President Trump has been involved in philanthropy since he was a young man. Anyone who has spent time in New York City knows that President Trump is no stranger to charity events. From police balls to domestic violence charities, his generosity is unmatched.

During the campaign, then candidate Trump, floated the idea that he wanted to make better use of his presidential salary. At that point, specifics were unclear. However, we knew that he was not going to accept the paycheck. Those of us who were early members of Team-Trump recognized that he was not running for the Presidency for the normal reasons. He did not desire the fame or power of the office; rather, he had a genuine interest in making America great again.

As time progressed, we began doing research on the technical details of exactly how we could make better use of his presidential salary. The determination was made that the president cannot merely refuse his salary. He must accept the paycheck. He is, however, free to spend the money in any way he sees fit as it is his salary.

President Trump decided that because he was required to accept the salary, he would simply donate 100% of it to charity. President Trump received his first paycheck in April for approximately $78,333.00. He immediately wrote a donation check, for the full amount, payable to the National Park Service. In July, President Trump received his second paycheck for approximately $100,000.00. He immediately drafted a donation check. This time he donated the full amount to the Department of Education.

No president in modern history has donated his entire salary to charity. President Trump’s actions speak volumes about his character. These acts should clarify to the public what Trump insiders have known since before nominating him: President Trump is a warm and caring man who has morals that are beyond reproach. He has a genuine desire to correct the many issues plaguing our nation. He cares deeply for all Americans.

Perhaps more telling than his salary donations, President Trump has committed to donate one million dollars of his own money to aid relief efforts for those affected by hurricane Harvey. He made every possible support effort he could as president. He activated FEMA, sent federal resources, and provided emergency assistance. President Trump spent time walking the areas destroyed by the storm and comforting those who lost everything. He knew that these Americans were going to struggle to rebuild their lives. His personal donation is a testament to his commitments to the American people.

Despite his generosity and goodwill, the media is still launching a barrage of character attacks on President Trump. His actions should speak louder than their words! Americans must look past the mainstream news outlets that are spreading hateful propaganda in an attempt to delegitimize a truly outstanding man.

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