Diversity on college campuses is under attack!

I’m appalled that in today’s world there is so little diversity on college campuses. Universities are considered the pinnacle of American values. They represent the culmination of everything our society believes in.

Each year the incoming class embarks on a journey to open their minds and become exposed to new concepts and ideas. This process, in theory, serves to allow young adults the opportunity to expand their horizons and spark creativity.

Administrators are quick to remind students that they should foster relationships with people who are dissimilar to their typical friends.

Schools will tell you they go to amazing lengths to ensure discrimination doesn’t occur and they provide every student with equal and unabated access to school resources. They will tell you they allow students to express themselves in every way imaginable with the aim of fostering diversity.

They have created guidelines on the proper use of pronouns so as not to offend those folks who identify as transsexual. They have support sessions for practically any imaginable group who feels they are in some fashion being oppressed.

Admission offices apply affirmative action models. Activities offices sponsor groups such as the black student union, Chicano American society, etc.

The reality is undeniable- college campuses are an assemblage of tolerance. GLBT, trans, handicapped, minorities and all genders of students are represented and treated admirably by one another.

Understanding this I’m sure you are questioning what I am so upset about in my opening statement. There is one Group who is still outnumbered, under represented and constantly disenfranchised. A group of marginalized minds with opinions and thoughts that are considered peripheral.

Conservatives are under attack in the education arena. Merely expressing a thought or idea that is considered too right can result in harsh criticism and punishment. On average liberal professors outnumber conservative professors by more than 10-1.

It is not unheard of for institutions to have no college republicans group despite having a genuine interest by the student body. In some cases there isn’t a single faculty member to supervise the group. Not a single republican professor on an entire college campus.

Liberal acceptance is an oxymoron. Democrats are only accepting to the extent it supports their agenda. They don’t support free speech. The Democratic Party is terrified of young republicans because they know that conservative values and ideas work every time. This is the reason they almost never attack us on policy positions. Instead, they manufacture fake outrage and traffic it. Democrats as a whole respond more to emotion than fact.

Amherst College has a college republican group. The group held their first meeting of the school year this week and were greeted in an absurd fashion. Liberal “tolerant” democrats plastered signs around the college republicans meeting space that read “This is our campus, not the Klans.” To be clear, neither the ACR nor the Republican Party as a whole supports Klan activity. The culprits continually prostitute themselves to their worst vial thoughts. Their actions are filled with malice and hostility.

This is far from a solitary incident. Liberals across the nation have been protesting conservatives and relentlessly trying to associate our political party with discriminatory and racist groups. They want the world to believe that republicans are racist. Interestingly, it is the Democratic Party that has deep roots in racism and institutionalized hatred of minorities. After all, President Lincoln, a republican, is responsible for the emancipation proclamation.

Republicans are no stranger to defending against the lefts bizarre fever dreams- this is no different. Our young members (college republicans) are unwavering in their beliefs and won’t be deterred. Conservatives are resolute and won’t let the left undermine our agenda with their insanity.


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I'm a political strategist and commentator. Vice President Pence said it best, "I'm a Christian, a conservative, and a Republican, in that order."