Inept Hollywood Liberals 

During the presidential campaign Hollywood did its best to slam President Trump. They launched attacks on a daily basis. Many of them, including Rosie O’Donnell, swore they would move out of the country if we elected Trump. 
America spoke loud and clear: We elected Donald J Trump to be our President. Both democrats and republicans made the decision to elect President Trump. 
As the election night results came in Hollywood celebs began to lose their minds. Celebrities filled their social media accounts with Anti-Trump messages and some demanded recounts. A few groups made videos begging the electoral college to ignore the election results and vote for Clinton anyway. 
Thankfully, the republican electors took their jobs seriously and fulfilled their obligations.
Since he assumed office he has been dealing with daily ridicule. Celebrities make horrible jokes at his expense and often imply he isn’t a legitimate president. 
The late night hosts spend every evening bashing President Trump and making jokes at his expense. They frequently attack cabinet members as well. 
Liberals pride themselves on being the party of tolerance and acceptance. They preach inclusion and compassion. That is, toward everyone but our President. 
 No President in history has been subjected to this type or volume of ridicule. Every decision the President makes receives hours of negative attention. His family is subjected to the same disrespect and vulgarities. 
Despite all the negative press, false stories and fake news President Trump still wakes up every morning and is grateful to be our POTUS. Colbert using nazi salutes and discriminatory propaganda won’t affect President Trumps ability to effectively lead our nation. 
At the Emmy Awards many celebrities wore blue ribbons to protest President Trump. Many of those wearing ribbons were the same leftist elites that threatened to leave the country if President Trump was elected. No surprise- they haven’t moved yet. 
This has to stop. Americans have spoken. We overwhelmingly supported Donald Trump for President. They need to drop this childish routine and act like adults. If they have an issue with a decision President Trump makes they have avenues to express that. They can call the White House, write a letter or send an email. Additionally, they can sit down with their US Senator and express their concerns and urge him/her to bring up the issue in congress. 
Bottom line- the Democratic Party has transformed into a group of whiny children. They are inept. They lie, manipulate and deceive folks to try and get their way. They will do anything to further their agenda including harming America. 

Breitbart points out the ribbons both indicate support for the ACLU and protest President Trump.

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