The Wall

It’s estimated that we have 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States. Our border is not secure and anyone can cross. The question that no one has a coherent answer for is: “What do we do with the 11 million illegal aliens?” 
We endured an entire presidential election listening to members of both parties introduce terrible ideas, revisit failed policies and generally argue about how to approach the issue. President Trump was the first person to bring up the topic of illegal immigration; in fact he mentioned it in his announcement. He is correct. We must build a wall. However, we need to have a sensible solution for dealing with immigration issues first. 
We have 3 options. One option is to simply immediately deport all 11 million aliens. We should not do this. We must first have strong mechanisms in place to prevent their re-entry. If we execute mass deportations with our current border fence the problem will reoccur almost immediately. 
Another option is to ignore the immigrants all together. This seems to be the current method. It isn’t working. We must remember that every illegal immigrant is a criminal. Unlawful entry into the United States is a crime. Visa-overstay is a crime. While we can be sympathetic to the adversity they experience in their home countries our focus must remain on America First! 
Finally, we could offer a one time waiver and give all 11 million aliens citizenship. This is the most popular idea from the left. The democrats desperately want to give them citizenship. The problem is- if we give these aliens citizenship we are incentivizing their illegal behavior. Some Liberal senators have argued this would be a one time amnesty and wouldn’t happen again. However, we have heard this rhetoric before. In 1986 we passed the Simpson-Mazzoli act. 3 million aliens were given permanent residency. Despite being told it wouldn’t happen again we have heard many politicians argue it should. 

This is a complex problem and I think it’s important to look at it from different angles and to understand the reality of the situation. We are never going to be able to prevent 100% of illegal immigration. That is simply not possible. Our goal should be to dramatically lower the number of aliens arriving illegally and strive to have stronger enforcement. 
We can not and should not be considering doing that until after we have created a fortified wall. The cost to deport the aliens would be astronomical and they would simply cross back over; thus, undermining the entire process. We absolutely must build a solid and impenetrable wall to prevent aliens from crossing and to aid in maintaining our sovereignty. 
Once the wall is completed and functioning we begin the process of deporting the illegal aliens. Our new wall will dramatically decrease illegal crossings and our border patrol will be more effective and able to perform their job without hindrance. 
President Trump made an outstanding decision to increase funding and employment numbers within the Border Patrol. 

America is a sovereign nation and we must protect our borders. We need to build the wall as soon as possible. Those illegal aliens who will be deported who wish to apply for residency in the US will be welcomed to do so provided they follow the same legal process anyone else would be required to. We must be cautious to not incentivize their illegal behavior. 

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