Democrats are racist! 

The liberal left is continuing to insult President Trump and claim he is racist. The entire conservative base has been dealing with this frivolous claim recently but President Trump seems to be the MSM’s favorite target. They are playing clips of him helping with disaster relief in Puerto Rico and claiming he doesn’t care. Simple logic check- if he didn’t care he wouldn’t be on the ground providing relief work. He wouldn’t be helping families rebuild. It is obvious he cares for these Americans deeply and wants to help them get their lives back on track. 

Late show hosts, celebrities and liberal elites are attempting to disgrace President Trump by calling him Racist while he’s the only one with boots on the ground helping. They are spewing this nonsense from their Hollywood mansions while our President is doing manual labor to aid Americans who need his help. The President provided substantial aid to Puerto Rico and is working with FEMA and congress to develop strategies to strengthen the island. The idea that he isn’t helping Puerto Rico because of their skin color is absurd. 

We know that the left prefers feelings to fact and often espouses claims with no factual basis. Conservatives are often subjected to these juvenile tactics. When we respond with an actual policy position supported by statistics and facts we are promptly attacked. These attacks are carried out by the liberal base and usually involve little to no evidence. Frequently it’s some form of a pre-coined phrase accompanied by fake outrage. 

The left has been calling President Trump and other Conservatives like myself Racist recently. Since they have been throwing around this nonsense on a daily basis I think it’s only fair to respond. Let’s take a closer look at which party is actually racist. 

The Democratic Party loves to pretend they are champions of civil rights. They claim that black Americans must identify as democrat because republicans are inherently racist. This isn’t the case though. Since the democratic party was founded in 1829 they have fought against every piece of civil rights legislation. 

President Lyndon Johnson summed up the democrats position “I’ll have those niggers voting democrat for 200 years.” The democrats don’t truly care about advancing the quality of life for African Americans- they simply care about advancing their own agenda. This was true throughout history and it’s true today. 

The Republican Party was founded as an anti-slavery party. From our inception we have been fervently opposed to racism and slavery. The first republican President, Abraham Lincoln, died in this pursuit. The emancipation proclamation let the world know the GOP wouldn’t stand for racism…. and President Lincoln was shot because of it. John Wilkes Booth, a democrat, assassinated Lincoln in hopes of preserving slavery. Democrats literally killed to protect slavery. 

The democrats founded the klu klux klan and supported their agenda within every level of government. Nathan Bedford Forrest, a prominent founding figure in the KKK was friends with President Woodrow Wilson. Wilson, a democrat, even promoted the 1915 KKK propaganda video “The Clansman” by screening it in the White House. He Re-segregated many federal agencies and he used the KKK to attempt to scare and intimidate folks into following him. 

Democrats had a clear mission- to keep the south segregated and enslaved. 

In 1857 when the US Supreme Court heard Dred Scott V. Sandford they ruled that slaves aren’t citizens, and must not be considered citizens. They are property. The Supreme Court voted 7-2. All 7 justices to support slavery were democrats. The 2 justices to dissent and want to abolish slavery were both republicans. 

-Democrats opposed the 13th Amendment 
To abolish slavery. 

-Democrats opposed the 14th Amendment 

Giving citizenship to blacks. 

-Democrats opposed the 15th Amendment 

giving voting rights to blacks. 

These Amendments only passed because of universal republican support. 

By the year 1900 over 22 black congressman had been elected to the US House as republicans and were fighting for equality and human rights. The democrats didn’t have a single black congressman at this time. In fact, they wouldn’t elect a black man to congress until 1935. 

It was evident that their strategy of keeping blacks enslaved and therefore unable to vote wasn’t going to work. That’s when President Lyndon Johnson summed up the democrats position “I’ll have those niggers voting democrat for 200 years.” The democrats suddenly decided that if blacks were going to vote then they should at least vote for democrats. 
Democrats, ignoring the facts, will likely continue to attack conservatives and President Trump for being racist. It is nonsense. We have been steadfast in our support of civil rights. Our facts are strong. Their feelings are weak. Don’t bring a feeling to a fact fight friends. You’ll loose every time. 

Republicans aren’t racist. Democrats are.

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