Is Iran dangerous? 

President Trump announced that he intends to take decisive action to stop Iran from developing a nuclear weapon. This comes as part of a broader strategy on dealing with Iran and Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s known terrorist ties. 
Iran, under direction of Khamenei and in concert with the IRGC, has been involved in terrorism and anti-American excitement. The region poses a significant security threat to the United States and Israel. They are the largest state sponsor of terrorism and are destabilizing the region. 

Former President Obama acted sympathetically toward the regime, reduced sanctions and allowed for Iran to begin the process required to gain a nuclear weapon. Iran has made clear their intention to use said nuclear weapon on the United States and Israel. 

This affirmation, coupled with increasing aggression, should have caused the Obama Administration to intervene and take action. Sadly, President Obama responded by again reducing sanctions and making Irans goal more attainable. 

Senator Cotton (R-AR) recognized the dangerous path President Obama was paving for Iran and authored an open letter to the supreme leader. The letter was consigned by 46 sitting senators. Their statement was clear; the United States will not accept any deal that allows for Iran to develop a nuclear weapon. The senator understood the threat that a nuclear Iran would pose to the world.

President Trump recognizes the United States shouldn’t be supporting any group that is hostile toward America or Israel. He worked with his national security team and developed a strategy that will prevent Iran from ever being able to acquire a nuclear weapon. Furthermore, it will produce strong restrictions on any military activities Iran wishes to carry out. 

Khamenei has been the Supreme Leader of Iran for over 30 years. In that time he has shaped the countries attitudes and behaviors to be distinctly anti-American. He has also fostered strong support for Assad and the regimes crimes against the Syrian people. Both have committed egregious human rights violations. 

The IRGC specializes in subverting international order. The IRGC has grown steadily in recent years and is not accountable to the Iranian people. They report to Khamenei directly. This allows them to carry out any mission they desire. Such actions include arming Assad and aiding him in butchering his own people. They supported his use of chemical weapons. 
This wanton conduct is reckless and demonstrates Irans ability to cause significant casualties to everyone in the international community. 

Aside from the dangers presented by the supreme leader and the IRGC Irans citizens are equally dangerous. Liberals love to sympathize with the the Iranian people and want to give them refugee status. They claim most Iranian people are peaceful. 

This is nonsense. There is a moderate faction in Iran; however, “moderates” are committing honor killings and chanting death to America in the streets. The hardliners, like the IRGC, are physically taking up arms against any westerners in the region and arbitrarily detaining them without cause. We need to look no further than our embassy in Tehran 1979 to know they are serious. 
There isn’t a peaceful majority of Iranians who are yearning to live in a judeo-christian society with western values. That group only exists in liberals minds. The Iranians are intent on engaging in acts of terror and anti-American excitement. Khamenei made sure to radicalize the country so they will follow his every command. Make no mistake- they have already made their intentions clear. They are protesting in the streets chanting about killing Americans and Israelis. Given the opportunity they would carry out those threats. 

Senator Cotton (R-AR) made a great point at his RNC Speech saying we need “A commander-in-chief who speaks of winning wars and not merely ending wars, calls the enemy by its name, and draws red lines carefully, but enforces them ruthlessly.” President Trump is that leader. He understands that Iran must be dealt with appropriately. We should always try to avoid military intervention; however, if needed we can and must use military force to ensure Iran doesn’t get a nuclear weapon. The safety of the United States and Israel depends on Iran lacking nuclear weapons. President Trump demonstrated that he understands this threat and is going to do everything in his power to stop Iran and protect the United States and our allies. 

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