Sheriff Arpaio should run for Senate. 

Joe Arpaio is a true hometown hero. Most recently he served as the Sheriff of Maricopa County Arizona. Maricopa county is home to over four million residents; a population larger than 20 states. His leadership in that position earned him the title of Americas toughest sheriff. 
Sheriff Arpaio has a long and respected career in law enforcement. He served with honor as a military police officer in the Army. Following his discharge he served briefly as a uniformed policeman before joining the Drug Enforcement Administration. 

Sheriff Joe has a passion for law enforcement as evidenced by his tenure of over 25 years with the DEA. He served several overseas assignments and supervised the Arizona field office. 
Following his retirement from the DEA Arpaio became the elected sheriff of Maricopa county in 1993. He remained in that position until 2016. 

For 23 years he served the residents of Maricopa County. During his tenure he instituted many new policies and procedures that are still in place today. He felt strongly that inmates shouldn’t be living in a life of luxury. They should serve their time and get out. This no-frills approach to corrections caught on. Sheriff Arpaio frequently held seminars for other law enforcement agencies around the world to share his ideas and promote responsible technique. 

Sheriff Joe is a true conservative. He cuts excess spending anywhere he can. For example, he uses his chain gang to provide janitorial and construction services to the county. This act alone saved millions of taxpayer dollars. Arpaio strongly supports equality and maintained the only all female chain gang in the world. 

Sheriff Joe reduced the cost of daily meals to below .60 cents an inmate per day. He had programs to provide medical treatment to animals who had been abused. He had deputies assigned to a dead beat parent detail to enforce child support orders. He started and maintained a massive posse program which provided hundreds of thousands of free hours of police work to the county. 

All these activities combined demonstrate Arpaio’s critical thinking and problem solving skills. They speak to his high level of credibility, which is beyond reproach. 

I was overcome with sadness and dismay to see Sheriff Joe leave MCSO because I knew our county was loosing the most professional and effective Sheriff we have ever had. 

I have heard protesters yelling that his experience as Sheriff doesn’t qualify him to run for Senate. I disagree. I believe he is the perfect candidate for Jeff Flakes seat. 

Arpaio has all the qualities that a strong senator should have. He has spent his life protecting those he swore to defend; now he has a chance to continue that legacy. Sheriff Joe is a Trump ally and will stand hand and hand with the President in advancing his agenda. 

I’m ecstatic to hear that he may be pursuing Flakes senate seat. He will be able to effect change on a national level not just within Maricopa County. 

Sheriff Joes best quality is his word. He doesn’t beat around the bush and he isn’t politically correct. He says what needs to be said and stands behind it. If Sheriff Joe makes a campaign promise he will follow through. He will tell you exactly where he stands on an issue and he won’t back down. 

The United States will benefit greatly from having Joe Arpaio as a Senator. 

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