Inept Hollywood liberals update 

Chelsea Handler is one of many liberals spouting this type of negative rhetoric. Ms. Handler is free to dislike our president; however, she should do so while still respecting the position and office. Ms. Handler and her fellow liberals impertinent remarks only delegitimize their arguments and demonstrate their inability to muster a single objection with merit. 

Hurricane Harvey

President Trump spent significant time assisting Americans in need that were affected by hurricane Harvey. This hurricane has ruined lives and caused
catastrophic damage to the area.

He used every power of his office to dispatch federal workers and agencies to help the community. In addition to doing everything he could as POTUS, President Trump and family spent significant time in the damaged area physically providing aid themselves to the displaced victims. Moreover, President Trump donated 1-million dollars of his own money to further help the community.

I am immensely proud of President Trump. He handled this tragedy the best he could. Those Americans affected by the weather are undoubtedly in a better position as a direct result of President Trumps plan and his excessive generosity.

As usual the MSM is taking airtime to attempt to incriminate President Trump. These left wing news outlets would rather traffic in deception and propagate libel then to produce a genuine story. The most trusted man in America, Walter Cronkite, would be despondent if he were witnessing the actions of the MSM today. “And that’s the way it is” according to Cronkite.